"For the past 19 years, Apex Appraisal Services LLC has been my first choice for timely, professional appraisal service that goes above and beyond every time.

"No one can beat Apex Appraisal Services LLC's knowledge of the area and of the current regulations - my underwriters never have trouble with an appraisal done by Apex."

Rhonda von Husen
Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation

Apex Appraisal Services offers numerous advantages to Rock and Green County clients.

Quality home appraisals from top professionals.

At Apex Appraisal Services, LLC, we’re dedicated to delivering extraordinary service to our clients. When banks and financial institutions contact us for property appraisals, we strive to complete the process within just a few business days … a clear advantage from the standard one-week turnaround. And your clients will appreciate that you’ll be able to promptly respond to their needs.

Here are additional advantages to doing business with Apex Appraisal Services:

  • Since we specialize in appraising properties in Rock and Green Counties, you’ll receive an accurate appraisal.
  • We keep our overhead low, so we’re able to offer our services at reasonable fees.
  • We’ve streamlined our processes to make it convenient for you to request an online appraisal.
  • We’re accessible when you need us — even weekends and evenings.

So when you want a reliable appraisal for Rock and Green County properties, contact us.