"I have been working with Dan Pergolski of Apex Appraisals for 14 years.

"Dan takes pride in his work and has always provided fast, accurate and efficient appraisals.

"I have always enjoyed working with Dan and my confidence in his abilities has enabled me to refer him to others."

Debby Ovist
Blackhawk Bank

Our online order form makes it easy to request an appraisal.

We promise you prompt turnaround.

We understand how valuable your time is so we want to make the appraisal ordering process easy for you. Just choose one of these options:

  • Fax your order. Just print the order form in PDF format, fill it out and fax it to us.
Then all you have to do is fill in the order form and submit it to us — and we’ll promptly return your appraisal report. When you order online, we’ll send you an automated message verifying that we’ve received your order. And we’ll be able to communicate with you efficiently… saving you considerable follow-up time.

Types of appraisals

You may order appraisals for the following properties:

  • 1004 standard URAR with 1004MC
  • 1073 condominium with 1004MC
  • 1075 exterior condominium with 1004MC
  • 2055 exterior only with 1004MC
  • 1025 small residential income property with 1004MC
  • FHA 1004 Standard URAR w/1004 MC
  • Additional observations, trip charges and forms
  • 2000 one-unit field review
  • 2000A multi-family field review
  • REO appraisal with 1004MC

Once we receive your order, we’ll contact the borrower or contact person to arrange an inspection of the property. It’s our goal to streamline the appraisal ordering process and enhance client communications. So if you have questions about ordering an appraisal, please contact us.